Experience of use Men's Defence

My name is Mikhail, I live in Varna. I have been treating prostatitis for a long time and without success. Everything changed when I started taking Men's Defence. At the time of ordering, the drug was new, I couldn’t find an opinion on it, so I decided to make my own review and share my experience of use, it would suddenly be helpful to someone.

What is Men's Defence and where to buy it

Men's Defence overview

Preventing and treating prostatitis is an important part of my life as I have been suffering from this disease for almost 7 years. During this time I went through several prostate massage courses, I took pills and suppositories continuously and without interruption. There was no improvement, I was constantly feeling uncomfortable. The disease was very exhausted, my hand fell off, I was already preparing to have my prostate removed. I bought this supplement without much hope, but its natural composition made me believe that the capsules were at least safe and certainly didn’t make the situation worse.

I bought on the site. The order is placed within a minute, you do not have to pay anything in advance. I picked it up in the mail in a few days, I paid there. The package said it was vitamins, not a cure for prostatitis, so no one but me knew what was in it.

How to use

What the Men's Defence capsule looks like

The Men's Defence package contains detailed instructions for use. The tablets should be taken twice a day with food. Sometimes I took it on an empty stomach, it didn’t get any worse.

I started treatment during my brief remission, when the prostate was no longer disturbed. At first, I didn’t see any particular change as the symptoms didn’t bother me. From the very first days, I noticed that I was starting to get enough sleep, my stamina had increased, and I generally felt very dynamic and energetic.

I drank Men's Defence for exactly 30 days in total. About in the middle of the course, I noticed that the potency was turning right, I longed for sexual intercourse again. By the way, there was no usual pain and cramps during sex. By the end of the course, I was starting to feel even better, but the fears remained. I thought the effect was temporary.

After completing the course, I quickly forgot about Men's Defence. I didn’t take any more medication, I was ready to go to the doctor again after the remission was over. Imagine my surprise when 3 months passed without pills and the prostatitis did not return!

I usually took the first course in 2017. Prostatitis has not been felt to this day. I started taking a prophylaxis supplement every 3 months and I won’t stop. This drug saved me.

In summary, if you are suffering from a prostate and want to return to a full life, I highly recommend this bioactive complex.