Instructions for use Men's Defence

Men's Defence is cumulative and should be taken as a cure according to the instructions for use.

How to take Men's Defence correctly

How to use Men's Defence?

  1. Take the capsule with food twice a day
  2. Recommended course - 30 days of admission
  3. If necessary, you can repeat the course after 2-3 months.

What do you need to know about Men's Defence?

The capsules are used to treat prostatitis of any severity. Indications for use - prevention and treatment of infectious and non-infectious prostatitis. In addition, the product is effective in preventing prostatitis in people who are at risk of developing the disease.

How do you know you're in danger?

  • Seated work
  • He suffers from constipation
  • There is no regular sex life
  • You don't play sports
  • Do you have any chronic diseases
  • You suffer from hemorrhoids
  • You are over 40 years old

The product has already helped thousands of men in the Philippines. Do not wait for the symptoms to appear, start taking the bioactive prophylaxis complex as soon as possible.

The product is completely natural and completely safe. There are no contraindications, no side effects have been identified.